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Alex Townsend
Name: Alex Townsend
Year Joined: 2006
Age: 14
Rank: Life Scout
Troop: 337
City: Broomfield, CO

I Got Involved in Scouting Because:

I got involved in Scouting four a number of reasons. First, my Dad always told me how fun Scouting was. He told me about all his memories in Scouting and how it shaped him to be the man he is today. Second, I love camping. Camping has always been something I loved ever since I was a little kid. I can enjoy spending time with my friends and have some independence. Finally, I love camping meals. I like the fast of how the food smells like a warm campfire and it has a unique a flavorful taste you could only get when going camping. I have enjoyed scouting ever since being a Tiger Scout and i want to make it all the way to Eagle with a lot more memories!

Scouting Prepared Me For Life By:

Scouting prepared me for life in several ways. First, I have learned many new camping techniques on how to do tasks more efficiently. Scouting also helped be better be acquainted with others and talk in a better manner publicly. In addition scouting has also gave me many opportunities to make great friends that I will know for the rest of my scouting career. Finally, Scouting has prepared me further for the unexpected. If I were to be put in a situation where I needed to make a strategic decision I could us the skills I have used from Scouting to make a better decision to better decide on a dilemma.

My Most Memorable Scouting Moment:

My best Scouting memory was on a campout my second year in Scouting. My troop had rented cabins at Camp Tahosa for a whole weekend and it may have been the best campout I have ever been on. We were able to freely do what ever we wanted to. We could Ice fish, sled, cross country ski, and have snowball fights. This helped me learn how to use smarter techniques when cooking and helped me better bond with my friends.

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