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Ryan Wallace
Name: Ryan M. Wallace
Year Joined: 1998
Age: 23
Rank: Boy Scout
Troop: 377
City: Boulder, CO

I Got Involved in Scouting Because:

One of my closest family friends was in the process of becoming an Eagle Scout, which I thought was the coolest thing ever. From the very first moment I laid eyes on all of the badges (accomplishments) that had been ironed onto his vest, I knew that I too wanted to join the Boy Scouts of America and begin my own journey towards becoming an Eagle Scout.

Scouting Prepared Me For Life By:

Boy Scouts allowed me to come out of my “shell” and finally begin to grow into the man I am today. Boy Scouts taught me how to be more independent, confident, caring, and mentally strong. Even more importantly, Boy Scouts taught me how to be a team-player; a skill that has come in handy in each of the three most important aspects of my life: family, work, and school.

My Most Memorable Scouting Moment:

My best Scouting memory has to be the first time I ever attended Boy Scout Camp, which was based somewhere in the beautiful Rocky Mountain range of Colorado. I was extremely nervous at first, as that week would be the longest amount of consecutive time I had ever been away from my family. However, it didn’t take long for me to lose sight of my worries. After only one day, I felt right at home in my traditional cloth tent filled with nothing but two old metal cots. All I truly need to justify why that week amounted to my best Scouting memory is the list of activities I took part in. That list is as follows: cooking, archery, shooting shotguns (skeet shooting), hiking, fishing, navigating mountains (with a compass and map), scavenger hunts, bear sightings, swimming, boating, canoeing, burning fires, building weapons, carving wood, reading in hammocks, and the best of all - hanging out with all the fellow Boy Scouts.

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