Our Services

Doubleknot's solutions and products are complemented by a full line of services including:

Website Development

Doubleknot offers services to compliment its best-in-class hosted application. Doubleknot services are provided by our staff of senior IT service professionals, with hundreds of successfully completed web site development and enhancement projects for nonprofits and membership-based organizations.  Learn more.

Staff Training & Support

Doubleknot offers both standard and custom training classes for each of our products.  We also provide training videos and hold webinars on new and existing features.  If you've already been trained, our support staff can review your events, newsletters, surveys and other Doubleknot configurations and make suggestions for improvement or simply just help you with questions.  Learn more.

Service Packages

Short on time? We'll help. In addition to the our training videos and our webinars, we offer affordable services to help you get started or to assist you with an event, newsletter or survey when you're strapped for time. Learn more.

Outsourced Services

Focus your staff on your core business operations and leave the registration, support, newsletter, web content maintenance and other technology tasks to us.  This can help your organization increase program participation and fill up availability sooner, improve cash flow and event planning, and allow your existing personnel to concentrate on other value added services. Learn more.

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