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Eagle Scout Badge Eagle's Nest

After earning the rank of Life you should begin the process of working on your Eagle.

  1. Get a print out of your records to confirm all of your previously earned badges. You can obtain a copy from the scout office. While there pick up an Eagle Packet.
  2. Get an advisor.  Centennial District Eagle Chair, Gary Loustalet, can assist with that and other questions about becoming an eagle
  3. Go to the Eagle Preview held quarterly at 6:30 PM before/at Roundtable.

A full step by step guide for an Eagle candidate can be found here. Please see the district calendar to know which months have a preview. To contact Gary Loustalet, please call 720.427.3059 or email him. Remember that if you don't get a hold of Gary on the phone then you should leave a message because he will not know that you called and that he is supposed to call you back. Please do not call after 9pm.

Life to Eagle

Download our Life to Eagle guide here

For additional information on  advancement, check out the following council advancement page, Advancement Resources

Internet Advancement

Internet Advancement is an initiative by BSA to provide all packs, troops, crews and teams with easy input advancement on the web.  It allows for tracking purposes and it directly interfaced with council so records no longer get lost when leadership or boys change. Go here to setup an account and get started.

*A couple of notes to be aware of. Your Unit # is the number on your sleeve for your unit. The Unit ID number is a National council designated number, please contact the council for the Unit ID number 303.477.4830.

**The internet Advancement page works best in Internet Explorer version 9. Not all features and functions will be available in other browsers. Additionally Safari is currently incompatible with Internet Advancement.

Rank Requirements

Don't know what the requirements are for your boy's rank?  Well check out the rank requirements from the scouting.org website.

Merit Badge College

Merit Badge College is normally held the second weekend in October. For additional details, check back sooner to the date. There are also opportunities for other merit badge colleges from other Districts and Councils. Please visit the calendar to find out more.

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Internet Advancement
Greg Richard

Centennial District Eagle Chair
Gary Loustalet

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