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Investment in Character Presentation Resources 
'How-to-do a Successful Investment in Character Presentation' 

Night of the Presentation

Get to the meeting early and make sure you have the information needed to make the presentation, including member cards and facts about the unit including district and council participation, awards earned, etc.

The Presentation

The unit leader introduces the unit Investment in Character coordinator, worker, or presenter. (Ask that it is a warm, hearty introduction.)

Sample Introduction

"Tonight, we have with us                                                           , who is representing our unit, Pack/Troop/Post#            , our district and our council".

"Mr. or Mrs.                                                            is a volunteer reviewing with us the council story, complete with the Investment in Character enrollment program.  I might add 'I fully endorse the program, and have become an Investment in Character contributor myself.' He/She has served as a volunteer for ___ years and He/She recognizes the value of the Scouting program. Please welcome _______________".

Cards are passed out to families through leaders and committee members. Remember that if you have done your job, the cards are up-to-date, presorted, and every family has a typed Investment in haracter card, while cards are being passed out, the presenter can present Investment in Character annual report highlights or Investment in Character facts from the brochure. 

Sample Presentation

"Thank you for giving me a few minutes of your time. The youth in our unit has had a lot of fun, and learned quite a bit along the way, and there's a lot more to come. You've watched your child do a lot of growing up in Scouting, learning skills and shouldering responsibility. You as parents, and all of the leaders, have worked together to offer our children opportunities they could not have had anywhere else. As the years pass, there are even more chances to learn and grow in Scouting 'there are camping trips, and wilderness high adventure outings, and more skills to learn. But none of these things just happens. All of our leaders have been trained. There are professional Scouters who help recruit, train, motivate, and help solve our small problems so we can improve our programs for our youth. We have a council office that assists us with our literature needs, newsletters, programs, badges, advancements, camp reservations, and many other services. I believe so firmly in the Scouting program that I wanted to become involved myself'".

Call for Action

"Join now in our effort for better Scouting for more youth. Support your council by filling out the pledge card that has been handed to you. The suggested level of a family's contribution equals the amount of costs to support one boy with the behind-the-scenes work, costing $120.00. No matter what the amount of your pledge, you can be proud that you are doing service to the youth of the Denver Area Council".

Suggestions for Investment in Character Family Presentation
(Using Power Point Presentation Slides) 

  1. At least a week before the meeting, make arrangements for a slide projector and screen. 
  2. At least a few days before the meeting load the slides into a tray and go through them a few times. Then read through the script a few times. Finally, read through the script while showing the slides, to get an idea of the amount of time it takes. It would be best to get to the last slide just as you finish the script.
  3. Many slide projectors/Power Point programs have a timing device, which will advance one slide every five or eight seconds. This would allow you to concentrate on the script.  If your projector doesn't have a timer, try to arrange a head of time, for someone to advance the slides for you. They can either do it every eight seconds or so, or you can practice a few times and see what works for you. 
  4. At the end of your script, you will probably need to explain to people how to fill out the Investment in Character card. Emphasize the various methods of payment, so that people will see that they do not have to have all the money right at that moment. 
  5. In many units, a simple game has worked very well to get all the cards turned in. Ask each person to guess the total amount that they think will be pledged, and write the amount on the back of their card, explain that who ever comes closest will win a prize, which you show them at this time. 

If you have any questions, or need any help, don't wait to call any of these people: Scout Family Chairman, Zone Chairman, or your District Executive

Retrieve your Investment in Character Prospect Clearance Form here...

Retrieve your Investment in Character Audit Form here...

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