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2013 College of Commissioner Science

2013 College of Commissioner Science
Registration Begins
Last Day To Register
10455 W. 6th Ave., Suite 100
Denver, CO 80215, US
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The last date for registration has passed.

Is being a better Commissioner one of your 2013 resolutions? If so, then don’t miss this opportunity for improving your skills, knowledge, and abilities. As commissioners we should view learning as an important part of our Scouting lives... every day, every week, every month, every year. Nationally developed courses, resource materials, and training recognition provide the structure for being a better Commissioner. It is Denver Area Council's mission to provide quality Commissioner Training. Start the New Year off right. Register now for the 2013 Commissioner College…it’s only a one day commitment.

Deadline: January 30, 2013

When registering, please be sure to register for one classes in each period you are interested in attending prior to proceding to the confirmation and payment page.

More Information

  • Questions? Please Contact: Kurt Ballantyne, Assistant Council Commissioner and Dean of the College. Phone: 303.838.1240

Bachelor of Commissioner Science Degree Requirements

  • Seven courses must be completed: five courses from the Bachelor’s program and two electives which can be selected from either the Bachelor’s or Master’s program.
  • If you started the Bachelor’s program in another Council you can finish your Bachelor’s Degree and begin on your Master’s.

Master of Commissioner Science Degree Requirements

  • Seven courses beyond the Bachelor’s program must be completed (for a total of 14). At least 7 of the courses must all be from the Master’s program level.

2013 Bachelor of Commissioner Science Courses

BCS 101 – The Commissioner Concept

An overview of commissioner service and the single most important resource - The Commissioner Fieldbook.

BCS 102 - Unit Charter Renewal

Review a proven plan for reregistering Scouting units on time with minimal loss in membership and leaders. Learn the role of the commissioner to facilitate and achieve on-time charter renewal.

BCS 110 - Commissioner Style

Presents important qualities of commissioner diplomacy, a concept of "exceptional service", thoughts about "roots and wings", service recovery, and explains how to remove a volunteer.

BCS 114 – Good /Commissioner – Professional Relationships

Techniques for building a strong Commissioner – Professional Team.

BCS 115 - Commissioners and Diversity

BSA's leadership and membership reflects the demographic character of our nation. Commissioners can use diversity to make Scouting stronger and more effective.

MCS 303 – Unit Lifesaving Basics

Basic methods for saving the life of a unit before it self-destructs.

BCS 125 - Using Unit Visit Tracking System

How to log on and track your unit visits and how the information is vital to assessing commissioner service in the district and council.

2013 Master of Commissioner Science Courses

MCS 302 - Unit Finance

An overview of the unit budget plan, who pays for Scouting at all levels, a variety of successful unit money-earning projects, and how to help units with special financial needs.

MCS 312 - Recruiting New Commissioners

This bread-and-butter session for all administrative commissioners covers the steps of recruiting commissioners, group recruiting techniques, and sources of prospects.

MCS 316 - Effective Unit Service in Remote Rural Areas

This session helps Commissioners tailor their service to sparsely populated rural areas, with practical methods for recruiting rural adults and working with rural units.

MCS 317 - How to Remove a Volunteer

An open discussion of a topic only recently put in print. The session provides a variety of practical guidelines on this sensitive topic.

MCS 410 - The Summer Camp Commissioner

This session provides an overview of the Commissioner's role in ensuring units get the most out of their long-term camp experience. This course is a prerequisite for serving as a camp commissioner at Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch or Tahosa.

CED 710 - Scouting and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) Church

Learn how Scouting is used as an integral component in the youth program of the LDS church.

MCS 455 - New Advancement Guidelines

What is new in the area of advancement? Learn about the various changes and updates in the advancement program, particularly for Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, and Eagle Scout candidates. Examine these changes from a Commissioner's perspective: how are they affecting units, and how can we help them cope?

2013 Doctor of Commissioner Science Courses

DCS 501/502/503 – Doctoral Thesis Workshop

This session introduces the participants to the thesis project, discusses what constitutes a good thesis or research topic, and helps them select their general thesis topic.

DCS 654 – Doctoral Thesis Panel Discussion

Learn from others on the best way to avoid the “pitfalls” and the best way to accomplish your goal.

DCS 514 - Beyond BCS-114: The Commissioner and Professional - A Working Relationship

Learn more about the relationship between the commissioner and the professional. How the two can work closely together to reach a common goal of providing quality service to units.

CED 723 – Reaching the Next Multicultural Generation

Reaching the Next Multicultural Generation is most important to carry on the BSA movement. The main objective of the this unit is to gain a better understanding of the needs and desires of African American, Hispanic/Latino American, and Asian American populations in relation to their participation in youth organizations in general and the Boy Scouts of America in particular.

DCS 515 – District Journey to Excellence

Learn how the Unit Journey to Excellence builds to the requirements for the District and how important it is.

CED 716 – Managing Conflict

This session will assist the commissioner in analyzing the source and cause of the conflict, identify the tools to help mediate conflict, learn how to apply the tools to specific situations, and become a stronger role model for both leaders and youth.

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$20.00 per Adult
Cancellation Policy
No refunds, but you may transfer to another person if you cannot attend.