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Unit and Adult Leader Area

Welcome to our unit and adult leader area. Thank you for chosing the Trail's End popcorn sale as your major fundraising activity for the year. By selling Trail's End popcorn not only will your unit be able to raise all the money it needs for your Ideal Year of Scouting, but your Scouts can also earn awesome prizes just by selling! Over 70% of the popcorn sale goes to support Scouting here in the Denver Community. More than any other fundraiser out there, the popcorn sale is what you can participate in to keep the cost of Scouting at a minimum. In 2014, $2.4 million of popcorn was sold in the Denver Area because of your support.

Spend some time looking through this site. You will find all kinds of great information. Contact us if you need more information.

Key Dates for 2015:

July 29 Popcorn Orientation #1
August 11 Popcorn Orientation #2
August 17 Deadline for Units to place first order (Show and Sell)
August 28 & 29 Popcorn Distribution at District Sites
September 11 Friday Drawings Begin
October 5 Units can start entering their second order (Door to Door)
October 15 & 16 Popcorn returns to Graebel from 3:00pm to 5:00pm (16456 E Airport Cir, Aurora CO)
October 26 Deadline for Units to place second order (Door to Door)
November 6 & 7 Popcorn Distribution at Graebel (16456 E Airport Cir, Aurora CO)
December 2 All money needs to be into the Denver Area Council (Paid in Full) Prize order Deadline

Getting Started

Signing up your unit up for the 2015 will be coming soon. Please wait for more details to be posted. If you have any questions about signing up, please contact Scot Fuller at 720.266.2126.

Trail's End Popcorn Information

After you have signed up your unit for the popcorn sale. You will recieve log-in information for the Trails End Website. The online popcorn system on Trails End allows your unit to order its popcorn and prizes. You also have the opportunity to set up this system for each of your Scouts so that they can order their popcorn and prizes online and submit them to you for approval. Please review your profile on Trails End before when you get your log-in information to make sure your contact information is entered correctly. If you email is not entered here correctly, you will not recieve the weekly popcorn reminder emails. If you are the unit's popcorn Kernel and have not received your log-in information or if your information is incorrect and you need help changing, please contact Scot Fuller at 720.266.2126.

Weekly email updates will be sent to anyone listed on the Trail's End popcorn database. Emails will start around the middle of July and will come out Friday every week during the popcorn sale. If you are not getting these emails, call Scot Fuller at 720.266.2126 to update your contact information so that you will be sure to get the most recent updates.

Unit Resources

Sales Forms

How-to for Online Sales - A quick how-to postcard to share with your families on setting up your online sales

Trail's End Sale Poster 1

Trail's End Sale Poster 2

Sample Scout Check-Out Form - Use this form to check-out popcorn to your Scouting families for their use of show and sell and show and deliver.

Popcorn Parent Handout - Give your parents the key program and sale information by customizing this parent handout for your popcorn kickoff.


2014 Popcorn Bronco For a Day Experience Flyer - The Bronco for a Day Experience is back for 2014 for boys that sell $1000+ in popcorn.

Popcorn Bronco Sales Card - Use this Form to sign up your boys for the Broncos Experience

Trails-End Popcorn College Scholarship - Learn more about the Trail's End Scholarship available to your youth along with all the other popcorn prizes.

Other Popcorn Helps

Selling Tips and Tricks - Trail's End Popcorns best proven Tips and Tricks for your Popcorn Sale.

Virtual Popcorn Sale Planner - A Step-by-Step plan to ensure success at your Popcorn Sale.

Sample Unit Popcorn Sales Packet #1 - Sample Unit Popcorn Sales Documents and plans from a high selling pack.

Sample Unit Popcorn Sales Packet #2 - Sample Unit Popcorn Sales Documents from a high selling pack.

Sample Letter to Give to Parent's At Popcorn Kick-off - A letter to help explain to parents the importance of the popcorn sale as your one fundraiser for the year.

How to Increase Your Popcorn Sale per Boy (Dollar Goal) - Worksheet to help you build a per boy dollar goal.

How to Increase your Popcorn Sale per Boy (Container Goal) - Worksheet to help you build a per boy container goal.

Unit Popcorn Kick-Off Powerpoint - A sample popcorn Kick-off Powerpoint to help you have a fun, effective kick-off

Youth Popcorn Sales Tracker 

Trails End Training Videos - Watch clips on how to train your leaders, teach your kids on how to sell popcorn, how to have an effective kick-off, and how to use the Trail's End System.

Square.com - Set up an account through Square to allow your unit to accept Credit Cards.

ACH Authorization Form - Fill out this form to have your Popcorn Payment withdrawn directly from your Unit Bank Account.

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