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Timberline District Roundtable

Every unit's volunteers should be represented at roundtable each month to stay connected and informed.

Roundtable is an exciting monthly training event conducted by the district to help all leadership plan and carry out a diverse and widely varying program at the unit level.

Timberline District's Roundtable is held on the first Thursday of each month at the Dartmouth Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) Building located at 9227 W Dartmouth Place

Roundtable is from 7:00 pm until 8:30 pm and is program-specific for Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts.  

Come early and Enjoy the Program Interest Area before the meeting. Experience the monthly Big Rock topic. See you at the next Roundtable.

Be a better leader – leadership training, 6pm at monthly Roundtables. go to Timberline District Training.

We Speak Scout!

Cub Scout Roundtable

Roundtable is a great place to pick up all sorts of program ideas from current district and council information, including Camporee/Klondike, Scout Show, Summer Camp, Scout Nights at various local events and much more. Come and share your experiences with other Scout leaders.

Every volunteer and parent is welcome to attend Cub Scout Roundtable!

Roundtable will focus on the current delivery method for Cub Scouting. The "Leader Resources" provides ideas for all adult leaders to plan and conduct den and pack meetings. Cub Scouting Adventures are planned to fit monthly themes, which follow the core values of Scouting. You can access pack meeting plans online here.

Changes Coming to BSA — The Program Updates page of Scouting.org will always have the most recent information and training guides.

Last Roundtable's Activities and Topics

January pack meeting plan: Obedient - “Cub Scout City Council”

Program Interest: Welcome to the meeting of our City Council

Activity Topic: Cubs Obey — Scouts are good citizens, they follow the rules of family, school, and pack. They obey the laws of community and country.

Supplemental Topic: Brave ceremonies for Immediate Recognition to keep Cub Scouts & Scouters engaged.

Plans for the Next Roundtable

February pack meeting plan: Reverent - “Cub Passport To Other Lands”

Program Interest: Experience customs, religions, foods, & traditions of friends from Around the World.

Activity Topic: Recognize differences — A Scout is reverent when he shows respect for the beliefs of others.

Supplemental Topic: Being Reverent through Duty to God adventures.

Questions about Timberline's Cub Roundtable? Email Cub Scout Commissioner John Merkling.

Boy Scout Roundtable

Roundtable focuses on various Boy Scout topics and themes each month as a program feature. In past months Boy Scout Roundtable has used Wilderness Survival, Fishing, Science, Athletics and many others to best implement things back into your troop. These program features are run by individuals who are experts in their respected fields and also understand the Scouting program.

Any Scout volunteer or parent is welcome to attend Roundtable!

Follow the agenda of Boy Scout interest topics each month, for program features.

Program interest — Webelos-to-Scout Transition. See Troop Responsibilities.

Roundtable Plans

Changes Coming to BSA — Boy Scouts (2016)

Last Program interest — Timberline District Holiday Extravaganza.

The Program Updates page of Scouting.org will always have the most recent information and training guides.

Program Feature of the Month – share an informative experience with a Scouting activity.

Questions about Roundtable? Email the Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner, Kathy Allen.

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